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AWIP one of the leading wall panels manufacturer in USA desired a new adwords strategy to increase their online sales as company was already running its ppc campaigns but results were not satisfying.

Avg CPC (cost per click) was 1.70$
Avg cost per conversion was 32.92$
We achieved Avg CPC (cost per click) 0.13$ over the period of 1 month
We achieved Avg cost per conversion 6.43$


To reach new customers throughout the US at competitive prices.


We removed broad match keywords allowing only targeted keywords to show ads, improved landing page design to make it more user friendly with strong call-to-action. In addition to that, we organized keyword groups to target only relevant users.


We've achieved Avg CPC (cost per click) of $0.13 and CTR (click through rate) is 1.02% which generated new sales. The Avg Ad position is 1.1 in google.

1.02% CTR

0.13 Avg CPC

92% decrease in CPC

From The Client

“It was wonderful experience to hire ZamanPPC for our ppc campaigns management. Over the period of one month only these guys achieved 92% decrease in Avg CPC (cost per click) and almost 80% decrease in cost per conversion. We got 10 times higher results in 10 times lower prices. Its amazing performance.”

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