clients can feel comfortable knowing that Google Certified PPC Specialist is dedicated for all clients. For Google AdWords certification, an individual must pass an exam on a yearly basis. It is necessary to review updated course materials to pass the exam every year, that include the latest features of AdWords available.

A Google certified PPC Specialist has more tools in his google’s collection. Google AdWords is continually introducing more programs and features. The expertise and knowledge gained through passing AdWords certification every year can help my clients get more out of their PPC marketing campaigns.

I directly discuss all aspects of ppc campaigns with my clients. I am responsible for the creation, implementation, and execution of the PPC marketing campaigns.

It is more important for a client to build up a long term relationship with his PPC Specialist, as he will be working directly with you throughout the execution and management process of the PPC campaign. As your dedicated PPC Specialist i am committed to your business goals and grow it as per your expectations. I schedule calls on a regular basis with my clients to guide them along through the process and i am always accessible via phone and email whenever a question about your PPC advertising campaign may arise.

Request a consultation and pricing quote online. Or WhatsApp me at +92 (345) 455-6646

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