PPC management services that works for your business

At ZamanPPC.com, your end goals is my top priority. Unlike 90% of ppc managers (including ppc agencies), i optimize my clients’ PPC campaigns on a regular basis.

Why i love PPC
There is nothing more satisfying to me than seeing my clients’ businesses grow. It is so painful for me to watch ineffective ppc campaigns management waste a company’s time and money. To get the most out of ppc campaigns, i create a compatible and appealing message that combines the right keywords, ad titles and website experience to produce sales. I don’t stop there, though. I also test and analyze all aspects of your ppc campaign and rightly optimize it from click-to-close. The great combination of campaign management, optimization and analytics is how i grow businesses.

I never put your campaigns on auto-pilot

To My Clients
I have produced amazing results for hundreds of clients with thousand of dollars of monthly ad budget. The fact is, I’ve already seen my work in action! To be honest, while i also helped many clients with small budgets gain great results, i typically find that PPC marketing works best for businesses with a PPC budget of at least USD 10,000/month. Although there are good chances to grow for small businesses in countries with low cpc costs.

Transparency in Reporting
I believe that you have every right to know what’s going on with your PPC campaigns. It’s your budget and your campaigns, at the end. And, since i do great work, i have got nothing to hide. Not only give my clients’ PPC accounts weekly attention, i also send reports at the month end on how the campaigns are performing and what i have done to improve results. That keeps me in the loop and me accountable for every action. With me, you’ll never have to worry about your PPC advertising again.

Request a consultation and pricing quote online. Or WhatsApp me at +92 (345) 455-6646

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