Benefits of Using SEO and PPC Together


The online market is constantly changing. A digital marketing plan that works one month, may fail the next month, leaving you scratching your head. This makes it a little difficult for small companies and startups to develop marketing strategies to meet the client’s expectations. Here i am looking to help businesses create successful strategies.

Where To Start?
I believe in integrated approach to digital marketing, working on the combination of SEO and PPC management.
SEO is required to increase the search engine ranking of your site, with the use of high-quality content and keywords. The major components of this process are:

On-page optimization – involved putting metadata and setting keyword density to help search engine bots to crawl your site

Link building – backlinks to your website from a number of webpages to add relevance to your website in a particular category.

Pay per click – PPC is an advertising strategy where businesses only pay when users click the links to their website. It depends on the website owner to make this strategy successful by creating relevant targeted traffic that may convert.

In general, SEO and PPC, both works to increase the viewership of your business, but for smaller companies, it can be quite difficult to combine all these approaches effectively. As it takes both time and money.

Struggles Of Small Businesses
For new businesses, it is important to build up reputation and audience rapidly. SEO and PPC help to gain visibility and successful marketing strategies can efficiently increase your visibility. Combining ppc campaigns and seo for same targeted keywords means that you are providing two routes for users and creating a sense of authority for your company. After you successfully get the users, it’s now time to start converting.

Benefits Of Conversion Rate Optimization
Getting customers to your website is not the end of game, you still need to think that your site fulfill the promises you made in PPC adverts and meta descriptions. Once you have the users, you need to keep them on your website.
Check the users bounce rate in website analytics as a measure of success. This could be for many reasons affecting usability, such as users interest or website load times.

Engage Your Website Visitors
You should make it as easy as possible for your visitors to convert, by guiding them along the process. There are four steps to follow for this:
1-First, your content should be relevant for the customers and must be easy to understand.
2-Your links should be visible for easier navigation on site.
3-Your website design should be user friendly and be tailored to what your users are looking for.
4-Dead pages can be a big loss, so make sure everything on your site is fully working.

The Conclusion
You can improve your results by having good PPC and SEO strategies. User experience is the most important thing. You must focus on all aspects of digital marketing. Follow the things discussed in this article and put your website in a strong position to increase the success of your business.

I’m certified PPC specialist with 10 years experience. I set up and manage successful PPC advertising campaigns to grow your business. I offer Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads and Yahoo Ads services.

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